Follow-Up From Principal Asaro re: Arrival and Dismissal

The following is an additional communication from Principal Asaro regarding new arrival and dismissal procedures that take effect on Monday, September 16, 2019.

To read Principal Asaro’s original letter outlining these changes, click here.

Dear Families:

As we begin our new arrival/dismissal, I realize that it may cause some stress and delay in many of your schedules.

With any change there may be some bumps to work out.  I encourage our families to work with me as we evaluate the plan. If we truly make this attempt, we can then advocate for additional needs if they should arise. 

We have security to help support this transition on Monday and Tuesday. 

Our families that are designated walkers of course, will continue to walk to school. These families do not have a bus assigned as they are in safe walking distance to school. 

Our families that use the cul de sac will still receive the courtesy of arrival and dismissal as walkers. However, this is very few families, alleviating the stop and go traffic which we have now. 

The question did arise regarding use of the playground. I do understand that it makes sense to park and walk to the playground when this is your after-school plan. Again, this is not the same as the crowd of parents that currently are picking up students at the door. As stated earlier, this practice allows for any stranger to be among the crowd. We must be conscious of the idea that this could occur, putting many students and families in harm’s way. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this change.

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